Impact of eigenvalues on the pesudopotential calculation of superconducting parameters of Mg, Al and Zn

Author(s): Jayprakash Yadav*, S M Rafique, Umakant Prasad, Ravi Shanker Prasad

In the present paper some superconducting (SC) state parameters of simple metalsMg,Al and Zn have been studied through Harrison’s First Principle[ HFP] pseudopotential technique usingMcMillan’s formalism. The impact of choosing two different sets of core energy eigenvalues viz, Herman-Skillman and Clementi has been studied. It has been observed that the choice of eigenvalues has appreciable impact on the form factor and consequently on the SC state transition parameter viz, electron-phonon coupling strength () and superconducting transition temperature Tc. Hence the choice of suitable eigenvalues is essential for these computations .Reasonable agreement with experimental and theoretical data have been obtained.

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