Hydrogen production by water electrolysis: Effects of the electrolyte type on the electrolysis performances with a tension generator or a photovoltaic module

Author(s): Romdhane Ben Slama

The production of hydrogen, vector of energy, by electrolysis way and by using photovoltaic solar energy can be optimized by the good choice of the electrolytes. Distilled water usually used, due to membrane presence can be substituted by used waters, which enters more and more their treatment. Used water such as those of the Cleansing National Office, and also of the factories such as those referring with ammonia, the margines, and even the urines that make it possible to produce much more hydrogen as distilled or salted water, more especially as they do not even require an additive or membranes: traditional electrolysers with two electrodes. This study seeks to optimize the choice among worn water and this, by electrolysis in laboratory or wire of the sun according to produced hydrogen flow criteria, output of electrolysis and electric power consumption. The additive used is NaCl.

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