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Hydriding And Dehydriding Reactions In Mg-Based Hydrogen Storage Materials: Thermodynamics And Kinetics

Author(s): Nikita Nawani, Aaskshi Kainthola, Deekhsa Pharasi

The high hydrogen storage capacity, environmental friendliness, and high Clarke number properties of magnesium-based materials make them one of the most attractive hydrogen storage choices. The restricted thermodynamics and kinetic properties, however, provide significant difficulties for their engineering applications. Here, we examine recent advancements in their thermodynamics and kinetics, focusing on the models and the effects of different model parameters. Following that, the effects of alloying, composites, and nanocrystallization on thermodynamics and dynamics are thoroughly covered. In particular, the correlations between different modification tactics and the hydrogen capacity, dehydrogenation enthalpy and temperature, and hydriding/dehydriding rates are outlined. Additionally, the classical kinetic theories and microscopic hydrogen transferring behaviour are explored in relation to the mechanism of hydrogen storage processes of Mg-based materials. An assessment of the remaining challenge issues and future prospects concludes this review.

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