HPTLC: A prominent tool for standardization of herbals

Author(s): Ravindra Pandey, Swarnlata Saraf, S.Saraf

Standardization of herbal drugs is not just an analytical operation for identification and assay of active principals rather it comprised total information controls to necessarily guarantee consistent composition of all herbals. The formulation standardized using modern scientific tools and with known markers has been accepted world wide. Chromatographic fingerprint analysis is a rational and practical analytical strategy to asses the authenticity quality consistency and stability of (tim)s as well as the information of othermedicines. The information gathered fromthe fingerprint ismore comprehensive then that provided fromthe typical approach. HPTLC is the principal method of monitoring the production process, HPTLC is mainly required for the complex or multi-herbal formulation. multiple chromatographic fingerprinting which consist of more than one chromatographic fingerprinting and represent the whole characteristics of the complexmedicine.

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