Growth Of Cells And Defense Responses In Panax Ginseng Induced By Chitosans Of Different Molecular Weights

Author(s): Zhang Wenqing, Xia Wei, Wang linling, Zhang Yuanxing

The influence of the molecular weight of chitosan, which were prepared by enzyme hydrolysis and used to treat panax ginseng cells, on the growth and defense response of ginseng cells could promote the growth of the ginseng cells, the increase of the ginsenoside contents and the enhancement of the activities of phenylalaninine ammonialyase, peroxidase, and -1,3 glucanase in panax ginseng cells apparently. The magnitude of the defense response of ginseng cells induced by chitosan is shown to be dominated by the molecular weight of chitosan. Comparatively the chitosan with the molecular weight of ca.2770 can induce the defense response of ginseng cells much more effectively. It is also found that the ginseonoside contents in ginseng may be associated with the anti-pathogen capability exhibited by the ginseng itself.

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