Groundwater Quality Assesment For Industrial Purposes of Gajwel Taluk, Medak District, A. P.

Author(s): K. Niranjan Kuma, K. Srinivas Varma and A. G. S. Reddy

Gajwel taluk is at a very short distance from the capital city, Hyderabad of Andhra Pradesh. As it is a potential area for demand for industrial development, in view of the lack of detailed investigations on groundwater quality, a comprehensive assessment of the suitability of groundwater for industrial purposes by Langelier Saturation Index method was taken up. Such studies are warranted not only because of future demands for developmental activities but also due to the geographical disposition of the area in the semi arid tracts with meagre perennial sources of surface flows and also experiences frequent water shortages owing to the vagaries of the monsoon. An attempt has been made to asses the quality of groundwater and the findings for suitability for industrial purposes are presented.

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