Glioblastoma Neurological Diffusion Comparative Medicinal Study using Finite Element Method (FEM) and Boubaker Polynomial Expansion Scheme (BPES)

Author(s): Garshasbi M and Boubaker K

In this paper, a continuum mathematical model of Glioblastoma neurological diffusion has been developed in order to identify and characterize discrete cellular mechanisms underlying altered cells motility. The mathematical model has been treated by two different methods: Finite Element Method (FEM) and Boubaker polynomial expansion scheme (BPES). The Finite Element Method has been emphasized as a plat form for discretization of a basic parabolic equation using variational analyses and Fourier transform. The same parabolic model has been subjected to the Boubaker polynomial expansion scheme analyses in order to monitor the evolution of tumor from the non-vascular stage to the vascular one. Obtained results have been successfully compared to some recently proposed profiles.

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