Gasification of biomass waste in a downdraft gasifier

Author(s): S.Antony Raja, C.Lindon Robert Lee

Silver oak wood chips and coconut shell chips in different ratio was used in the downdraft gasifier. The air flowrate was varied from50 lpm-125 lpm. The effect of air flow rate on producer gas composition, producer gas production rate and calorific value of producer gas were studied. The temperature distribution along the reactor in the vertical direction was studied. The producer gas composition was analyzed by a gas chromatography. The producer gas consists of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, methane, oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen. The ultimate and proximate analysis of feedmaterialwas carried out by an elemental analyzer. Themaximumvalue of hydrogen in the producer gas is 13.6%. The calorific value of coconut shell chips and wood chips is 3.95MJ/m3 for the feedstock ratio of 2:1. The producer gas can be used as fuel gas.

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