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Gamma Irradiation of Millet Kodo and Kutki for Food Safety

Author(s): Nidhi Kaushik

Food safety is a must from consumers point of view. Regulators across the globe want to ensure that food must be safe for human consumption before it is consumed. Manufacturers have to take all necessary steps to comply with regulations of food safety. One of the concerns pertains to the spoilage of food due to insect infestation and microbial load of pathogens. In order to take care of it, several technological interventions are adopted. Irradiation of grains and flour by gamma rays is an option. The present study is about effect of gamma irradiation of millet on three aspects of processing of millets: a) how irradiation can make dehusking of grains easy?, b) how irradiation is useful in enhancing germination c) if shelf-life of flour of millets can be enhanced by irradiation? and d) are there any concerns, if grains are irradiated. The study has provided following new knowledge: i) optimum dose rate for irradiation of millets needed for getting approvals of irradiation of millet from regulators, ii) by irradiation, shelf-life of flour could be enhanced remarkably, iii) microbial load especially pathogens is eliminated and iv) dehusking process becomes easier while germination gets better.
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