Fungitoxicity of Cleistanthus collinus Roxb. extract on selected endemic forest tree seed pathogens

Author(s): S.H.Jain, Swapnapriaya, H.C.Nagaveni

The present study highlights the fungi toxicity of Cleistanthus collinus extracts which is known for being toxic and frequently used for homicidal and suicidal purposes contains three identical compounds, viz. Cleistanthin A, B and C (diphyllin glycosides) in addition to other secondary metabolites, Three different concentrations of leaf and barkmethanol extract (0.5, 1 and 2%) were tested that inhibit the mycelial growth of the test fungi F. verticilloides, M. phaseolina (V), M. phaseolina (M), P. guepinii, C. gloeosporioides (M), C. gloeosporioides (P) and P. archeri which are seed borne pathogens of endemic forest trees. Percentage inhibition ofmycelial growth varied with different concentrations barks and leaf extracts.

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