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Front Propagation of Chemical Processes with Stress Assistance in Deformable Solids

Author(s): Jade Hoffman*

We take into account the front of a chemical reaction that is aided by stress spreading through a deformable material that is experiencing a localized chemical reaction involving solid and gas components. Diffusion of the gas component through the changed solid material sustains the process. The internal strains caused by the chemical reaction’s transformation strain have an impact on the reaction’s front kinetics. We propose a kinetic equation based on the idea of the chemical affinity tensor that describes how the front velocity depends on the chemical affinity tensor’s normal component. We use the propagation of a planar chemical reaction front in an elastic plate that is being subjected to uniaxial compression or tension as an example. We show how the reaction could be blocked by tensions at the reaction front, a locking effect. We thoroughly investigate the relationship between chemical reaction front velocity, locking effect and external loading.

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