Formulation, Evaluation and Optimization of Sustained Release Microcapsules of Lornoxicam Prepared with Gum Dikamali & Pectin Extracted from Dillenia Indica

Author(s): Sivasankar Mohanty, G. Krishna Mohan and M. Sunitha Reddy

The present research work was focused on the development of microcapsules using natural polymers like gum dikamali and pectin extracted from Dillenia indica by employing ionotropic gelation method with Lornoxicam as a model drug. The microcapsules were prepared with combination of different concentration of gum and pectin and the formulations were optimized on the basis of drug release up to 24 hrs. The drug and polymers were subjected for compatibility studies using FTIR & DSC. The formulated microcapsules were characterized for particle size, percentage drug entrapment efficiency, surface morphology, mucoadhesivity and in vitro drug release study. The microcapsules exhibited good mucoadhesive property in the in vitro wash-off test and also showed high percentage drug entrapment efficiency. The optical microscopic studies revealed that mean particle size of all the formulations was found in the range of 912.16 ± 16.33 to 998.14.12 μm and percentage of drug entrapment was between 39.28% - 88.92%. The study has revealed that natural materials can be used for formulation of controlled release microcapsules and will provide ample opportunities for further study.

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