Formulation and Evaluation of Gliclazide Matrix Tablets Using Moringa Olifera Mucilage as a Polymer

Author(s): D. V. Ramanjaneyulu, K. Venu Gopal, C. Surendra Babu, K. Babaiah, A. Nagajyoshna and A. Jyothi

The aim of this work was preparation and evaluation of gliclazide sustained released matrix tablets using various proportions of natural polymer Moringa olifera mucilage powder (i.e., drug : Polymer ratio – 1 : 0.2, 1 : 0.4, 1 : 0.6, 1 : 0.8, 1 : 1) as release controlling factor by wet granulation method. To study the influence of different proportions of polymer on in vitro drug release characteristics the dosage form was evaluated in 7.4 pH phosphate buffer for 12 hours. Also friability, weight varaiation, hardness, disintegration drug time, content uniformity was studied according to the Indian pharmacopoeia. All the formulations showed good fit in zero order kinetics along with diffusion mechanisms. In vitro release showed that formulation F3 contains D : P ratio – 1 : 0.6 gave prolonged release for 12 hours. Analysis of drug release rate from matrix system indicated drug release was by super case-II transport mechanism.

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