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Food Technology 2019: Underutilized food and alimentary technology, a synergic interacion as an approach to a hunger free world-

Author(s): Virginia E Melo Ruiz

Hunger, whose origin is not due to just one reason, may be consider the major health problem in the whole world where the high increase in population on is one of the most important reasons of this problem. As a consequence, many studies have been described regarding alimentary techniques to increase food availability, and lots of eff orts have been made to search underutilized food from natural sources (animals and plants). However, there is social a gap between the research for new food sources and alimentary techniques that must complement each other to obtain the benefits needed. An example of this is Escamoles (seasonal ant eggs) whose were only consumed by people from rural communities, but due to their high nutritional value, they were promoted as a good source of nutrients. The main problem was that Escamoles were available only for a few months every year (spring season) and for such, it was necessary to apply productivity on techniques to increase the amount of Escamoles, then it was necessary to apply different preservation on techniques such as refrigerator on or freezing depending on the period of ô€†Ÿ me escort mated for their consumption. In addition, adequate preparation on techniques were applied in order to keep nutrition onal value and sensory characteristics that are essential to be accepted by consumers. It is worth mentioning that every procedure employed did not caused important changes in nutritional value but increased their shelf life, so this important source of nutrients can be available all year and help to improve people´s access to valuable sources of nutrients that could not be possible without appropriate productivity on and preservation on techniques.

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