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Food Technology 2018-The impact way of cooking on the content of bioactive ingredients in rose hip tea- Zilha Asimovic- University of Sarajevo

Author(s): Zilha Asimovic

The rose hip belongs to the species of roses (family Rosacea), and it is one of the most popular plants that is used as food and in medicinal purposes. This plant is known by many names, such as wild rose, dog rose, sweet briar and etc. The berries of the rose hip are rich in contents of vitamins, such as vitamins B1, B2, B3, D, pro-vitamin A, and in a wide range of other nutrients. The rose hip is especially rich in vitamin C content. The aim of this work was to determine total phenol and flavonoid content and anti-oxidative activity of rose hip tea (in bulk and filter bags) in dependence of way of cooking (cooking, microwave treatment and cooking on the water bath (with reflux). Determination of phenol, flavonoid and anti-oxidative activity was done by cooking (90°C, 15 min) and cooking in water bath with reflux, and microwave treatment.

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