Flavonoids - themagical components of medicinal plants

Author(s): Jaya Vikas Kurhekar

Flavonoids, a group of plant metabolite molecules, found in a variety of fruits and vegetables are thought to provide health benefits through cell signaling pathways and antioxidant effects. These are polyphenolic molecules containing 15 carbon atoms and are soluble in water. Components of medicinal and other plants, flavonoids have magical properties. They help us in keeping pathogens away, keep us rejuvenated, healthy and boost our immune system. Flavonoids are known to possess anti microbial activity which has been investigated in this paper.Afewmedicinal plants were studied for their Euantimicrobial properties against common human pathogens and showed positive results. These activities can be linked to the presence of flavonoids. When studied further, a variety of flavonoids were detected in two of the most efficient aqueous extracts of the medicinal plants by HPTLC. Such a study enables us to scientifically co-relate the results and use them to our maximum benefit, in the best possible way.

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