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Flammability Properties of Methylphenylcarbonate in Diphenylcarbonate Production Process

Author(s): Y. M. Chang and C. M. Shu

This article is aimed for investigating the flammability properties of methylphenylcarbonate (MPC) such as explosion limits (LEL, lower explosion limit and UEL, upper explosion limit) and maximum explosion pressure (Pmax), according to its practical operating condition (1 atm, 250ºC) by 20- L apparatus. MPC acts as a critical intermediate with potential flammability hazard during the manufacturing process of diphenylcarbonate (DPC), which has been regarded as a potential substitute material for highly toxic phosgene to produce polycarbonate (PC). It was concluded that important flammability characteristics like explosion limits and Pmax, the explosion hazard degree of MPC were first proposed by our flammability test. This original and primary research could help to understand and provide MPC’s safety-related parameters specifically; so as to avoid accidents resulting from fires and explosions for safe storage, transportation and operation in such relevant processes.

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