Fiber Bragg Grating sensors for monitoring corrosion of reinforcement in concrete structures

Author(s): K.Kesavan, K.Ravisankar, R.Senthil, S.Parivallal

Structuralhealthmonitoringinvolves timely detection of distress in civil engineering structures and implementationof suitable correctiveprocedures toprevent its failureandextendits servicelife.Embeddedsteel bar corrosion is one of the serious damage occurring in aRCCstructures subjected to chloride attack during its service.Corrosion of embedded steel bars leads to increase in volume,which in-turn cause bulging and in-duces thrust to the cover concrete leadingto spalling of concrete. This paper reports the experimental studies conductedonthe identificationof corrosionwith the development of a newmethodologyto identifycorrosion usingFBGsensors

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