Fe2O3 thin films prepared by spray pyrolysis technique and study the annealing on its urbach energy and dispersion parameters

Author(s): Khalid Haneen Abass

In this paper, we study the Ubach energy and dispersion parameters of Fe2O3 thin films that doped by 1% NiO prepared by Chemical pyrolysis method. The prepared films are annealed at 450 °C and 500 °C and then it recorded the optical absorption spectra by UV-Visible spectrophotometer in the range of (300-900) nm. The absorbance and Urbach energy increase with increasing annealing temperature for NiO:Fe2O3 thin films, while å1 and å2 decrease with increasing annealing temperature. The Wemple and Didomenico dispersion relationship that used to determine dispersion parameters. Energy gap calculated from Em = 2Eg, which found it decreases with annealing temperature from 2.68 eV before annealed to 2.57 eV after 500 °C. Dispersion parameters such as Ed, Em, å, n(0), M-1, and M-3 are decreased with annealing temperatures.

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