Fatty acid constituents and antimicrobial activities of Strawberry and Carica- papaya leaves

Author(s): Mohamed H.M.Abd El Azim

In this study, the fatty acids constituents of both Strawberry and Carica papaya Leaves were identified by using gas chromatography-mass spectroscopy (GC-MS). The results showed that fatty acid of Strawberry mainly contained about 30.28 % of,12,15- Octadecatrienoic acid methyl ester and 23.37%Palmitic acid methyl ester, but for Carica papayamainly contained about 35.6%Palmitic acidmethyl ester and 14.527%Eicosanoic acidmethyl ester.Antimicrobial activitieswere studied against five bacterial strains and five fungal species. 0.3 ml of plant extract (10 mg / 1 ml) had inhibitory effect for all bacterial spp. and fungal spp., but 0.1 ml of two fatty acid extracts (10 mg / 1 ml) showed inhibitory effect against some bacterial spp. and fungal spp. indicating that the inhibitory effect increase with increasing the concentration of the extract.

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