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Extraction, purification and identification of aloe gel from Aloe vera (Aloe barbadensis Miller)

Author(s): Mandar Mulik, Mitesh Phale

The current study was conducted to obtained aloe gel from Aloe vera leaves and to study various methods of extraction. To achieve crude gel, leaves were subjected to filleting and grinding process and purified using hot treatment method and enzymatic treatment method. Procedure was developed for the extraction, purification and identification of Aloe vera gel to ensure the organoleptic stability, and the quality of the final product. The study also reveals that filtration with activated charcoal and Hyflo supercelR, gives clear appearance to the gel. Gel was analyzed by colorimetric method for estimation of polysaccharide using Congo red as complexing agent. The addition of pectolytic enzyme ‘Pectinase’ yields Aloe vera gel with 45% more polysaccharide content than gel obtained by simple heat treatment.

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