Extraction of Caffeine as Herbal Alternative of Isoniazid and it’s Personalization Based on Polymorphisms in DNA Sequenc

Author(s): Dayadhar Dikshit

Natural herbs are nothing more than plants made by the God, with infinite intelligence. Therefore herbal medicines may contain various ingredients other then active component which may be chemically similar or able to enhance the potency of active component. In light of above view the extraction method is also play an important role in effect of herbal drug. Furthermore experiences show that for the same drug people may respond well, badly, or not at all. Currently doctors diagnosis the disease and prescribe medicine on the basis of external symptoms and blood report of the patient. It some times results adverse effect, overdose of medicine. Adverse drug reaction accounted for 2.2 million hospitalizations and over 1,00,000 deaths in USA in 19941. Currently there is no simple way to determine whether people will respond well, badly, or not at all to a medication. Pharmacogenomics2 deals with the influence of genetic variation on drug response in patients by correlating gene expression or single nucleotide polymorphism with a drug’s efficacy or toxicity. Therefore it provides a revolutionary pathway to diagnosis the disease and prescribes “Personalized” medicine on the basis patient’s genotype. Genetic variation in drug receptors can have a profound effect on drug efficacy. It has been already reported that variation in sequence of amino acid in DNA directly affects the response of β2 – adrenoreceptor to β2 – agonists3-4.

In this paper, we discussed polymorphism in DNA and its effect on synthesis of drug metabolizing enzymes in human beans and other organism and it’s use to determining the doze of alternative herbal drugs for patient along with benefits, challenges and various research scope in pharmacogenomics

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