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Experimental Study on Process Cost Reduction in Electro Deposition Process

Author(s): K. Sakthivel, V. Mathanraj and G. Manikandaraja

Recently, significant attention has been directed towards the use of energy analysis in the assessment of thermal and other industrial processes and their environmental impacts since energy analysis is an effective tool both for achieving efficient energy utilization with minimum (or zero) environmental impact and for understanding environmental issues. In this study, the new design and electrification of the hangar system for Electro Deposition (ED) coating system gives energy saving in process as well as reduction in material consumption. The same can be horizontality deployed in all automobile and auto components manufacturing industries in ED coating plant. The modified Hangars were tried in the production line and observed for the period of 52 days and found Current consumption reduction of 270 Amps/car body and material consumption reduction of 1.32 Kg/product.

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