Experimental studies on methane hydrates with thermodynamic promoter molecules

Author(s): Deepala V.S.G.K.Sharma, Vangala Dhanunjana Chari, Pinnelli S.R.Prasad

A systematic study on methane hydrate (MH) formation and dissociation was carried out in the presence of liquid hydrocarbon promoter molecules namely Tetrahydrofuran (THF), tert-Butylamine (t-BuNH2) and Trimethylamine (TMA). The observed methane gas consumption least (0.944g for t-BuNH2 and to 1.648g for pureMH) was consistent with the hydrate structure with two guest (CH4 & promoter) molecules. The kinetic promotion effect has been studied; methane hydrate formation rate wasmuch faster in case of THF (110minutes) than t-BuNH2 (300minutes) and the thermodynamic promoter effect on MH was maximum for THF andminimumfor t-BuNH2.

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