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Experimental Investigation on Flexural Behavior of Concrete Beam with Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer Rebar as Internal Reinforcement

Author(s): D. Shantha Kumar and R. Rajkumar

An experimental investigation was carried out to study the flexural behaviour of concrete beams reinforced with Glass fiber reinforced polymers (GFRP) bars. The use of GFRP bars in reinforced concrete structures has emerged as an alternative to traditional reinforced concrete by enhancing the strong performance with limited ductility over concrete beam. In this, present study the results and comparative discussion is carried on an experimental programme concerning concrete beam reinforced with both steel bars, GFRP bars and partially under varying concrete grade and diameter of GFRP bars. In order, to observe the better ductile and strong performance on reinforced concrete beam. This paper investigate the flexural behavior of concrete beam reinforced with steel bars and GFRP bars under two-point loading designed based on code of IS 456: 2000 and ACI 440-1R. The parameters inspected in this study are flexural behaviour, load- deflection, crack pattern and width.

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