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Experimental evaluation of the basic properties and performance of nanolubricant in machining

Author(s): Vikas Kumar Singh, Divya Kriti, P.Vamsi Krishna, R.R.Srikant

Machining is one of the most fundamental and indispensable processes in manufacturing industry. The heat generated in the cutting zone during machining is critical in deciding the workpiece quality. Though cutting fluids are widely employed to carry away the heat in machining, their usage poses threat to ecology and the health of workers. Hence, there arises a need to identify eco-friendly and user-friendly alternatives to conventional cutting fluids. The present work features a specific study on the application of nano solid lubricant suspensions in lubricating oil in turning ofAISI 11040 steel with carbide tool. Coconut oil is taken as base lubricant and boric acid solid lubricant of 50 nmparticle size are added as suspensions. Boric acid nanoparticles are added to the oil on weightpercentage basis and the variation of its basic properties like flash point, fire point, viscosity, thermal conductivity and heat transfer coefficient are analysed. Variation of cutting tool temperatures, average tool flank wear and the surface roughness of the machined surface are studied with nano solid lubricant suspensions in lubricating oil.

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