Experimental evaluation of antiulcer and spasmolytic potentials of leaves of Cajanus cajan

Author(s): Adaobi Chioma Ezike, Peter Achunike Akah, Charles Ogbonnaya Okoli, Udemezue Nonso, Onyedikachukwu Okoro

The antiulcer effect ofmethanol leaf extract of Cajanus cajan (L.)Millsp. (Fabaceae) was evaluated using ulcers experimentally induced by indomethacin and ethanol in rodents. The effects of the extract on rodent gastrointestinal motility, and contractions of isolated intestinal tissues induced by acetylcholine (1.6 ìg/ml) and histamine (3.2 ìg/ml) were also studied. The results showed that the extract significantly inhibited the development of gastric lesions induced by indomethacin and ethanol. It also inhibited intestinal propulsion and antagonized contractions evoked by acetylcholine and histamine.Acute toxicity tests showed an oral LD50 greater than 5000 mg/kg in mice. The presence of saponins, tannins, reducing sugars, terpenoids and resins in the extract was detected by general phytochemical tests. These findings demonstrate that the plant possesses pharmacological properties which lend credence to its ethnomedicinal use as an antiulcer and antidiarrhoeal agent.

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