Evaluation Of The Inhibitory Activity Of Alcohol Extracts Of Thymus Vulgaris L. On The Fungi Bipolaris Sorokiniana, Alternaria Alternata And Colletotrichum Gloesporioides

Author(s): David L.Nelson, Andrea Y.K.V.Shan, Maria das Gracas Cardoso, Josefina A.de Souza, Fabiana R.Muniz, Lidiany M.Zacaroni, Paulo E.Souza

The identification of plant constituents and their biological applications is the aim of several scientific studies. To discover novel alternatives for biological control, alcoholic extracts of Thymus vulgaris L., obtained by cold extraction, were evaluated according to their inhibitory activities at different concentrations (5, 50 and 500 μg x mL) on the mycelial growth of Bipolaris sorokiniana, Alternaria alternata and Colletotrichum gloesporioides using the in vitro bioanalytical method. During the incubation period at 21 ± 2°C with a photoperiod of 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness, the growth of the colonies was obtained from the average of the orthogonal measurements of the colony diameter. The results were shown by the MGI (Mycelial Growth and/or Inhibition Index) and statistically analyzed (p < 5), the best results being observed with 500 μg x mL. The ethanol extract presented the highest activity at this concentration, with growth reductions of 47.76%, 15.21% and 34.01%, relative to the control, for Bipolaris sorokiniana, Alternaria alternata and Colletotrichum gloesporioides, respectively. The reductions observed were 46.87%, 9.57% and 23.53% using a methanol extract.

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