Evaluation of anti-inflammatory activity of leaf extract of Annona muricata

Author(s): A.S.Bawazir, S.P.Thakker, R.A.Shastry, Ashwini Ashrit, S.R.Iliger

Annona Muricata Linn. (Fam:Annonaceae) is a widely claimed medicinal plant with wide ranging biological activity. In the present study, Petroleum ether and ethanolic extracts of Annona muricata which is traditionally used in the treatment of inflammation and fracture was screened for its antiinflammatory activity by carragenan induced rat paw oedema method. Petroleumether extract showed significant (P<0.01) anti-inflammatory activity as compared to ethanolic extract.Results were comparable with standard drug (200 mg/kg,p.o).

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