Evaluation of Analgesic Activities of Bacillus Cereus and Bacillus Pumilus Metabolites

Author(s): M. L. Vijaya Kumar, B. Thippeswamy, I. J. Kuppust and J. H. Virupaksha

Soil samples from Malnad regions of Karnataka were screened for bacteria with antibiotic production potential. The two isolates, which showed significant antibacterial activity were identified as Bacillus cereus and Bacillus pumilus. The metabolites of the two bacteria were subjected to various solvent extractions based on polarity and the extracts were tested for analgesic activity by tail warm waterimmersion method and Eddy’s Hot-plate method using Swiss albino mice. The methanol extract of B. cereus and ethyl acetate extract of B. pumilus showed significant analgesic activity with a reaction time of 33.63 ± 0.61 seconds and 34.63 ± 1.24 seconds at a dose of 50 mg/Kg body weight. The obtained result promises that both the bacteria can be exploited for bioactive molecules with therapeutic potential.

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