Elemental Analysis (ICP-OES) and Anticariogenic Activity of Leaf and Bark of Fahrenheitia Zeylanica (Thw.) Airy

Author(s): N. Dileep, K. N. Rakesh, Syed Junaid, K. A. Ramesh Kumar, T. R. Prashith Kekuda and K. S. Vinayaka

Fahrenheitia zeylanica (Thw.) Airy, belonging to family Euphorbiaceae is distributed in South India. The aim of the presents study was to estimate the content of major and minor elements and to evaluate anticaries activity of the leaf and bark of F. zeylanica. The content of 4 major elements and 7 minor elements in the leaf and bark powder was estimated by ICP-OES technique after microwave digestion. Anticaries activity of methanol extract of leaf and bark was determined against 7 clinical isolates of Streptococcus mutans by Agar well diffusion assay. The content of calcium and sodium was highest and least respectively among major elements. In case of minor elements, the content of manganese and chromium was highest and least, respectively. The content of all except lithium were high in leaf when compared to bark. Both the extracts were effective against cariogenic bacteria. Bark extract caused high inhibition of bacteria when compared to leaf extract. The plant can be used as a source of important elements required for normal functioning. The plant can be a potential candidate for the development of anticaries agents

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