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Electron spin resonance and ground state wavefunctions of vanadyl ion in cadmium selenate monohydrate

Author(s): Manu Jain, V.K.Jain

Electron spin resonance of VO2+ doped in CdSeO4.H2O has been studied at 300 K using an X-band spectrometer. The ESR powder spectra have been analysed and spin-Hamiltonian parameters evaluated. Using crystal field approach a theoretical estimate of the ground state wave functions of VO2+ in CdSeO4.H2O, MSeO4.6H2O (M=Mg,Zn), MH3(SeO3)2 (M=Li,Na,Rb) have been made using ESR data. The dipolar hyperfine coupling constant P and Fermi contact parameter K have also been estimated.

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