Electroimpedance spectroscopy for themeasurement of the dielectric properties of sodiumchloride solutions at different glucose concentrations

Author(s): Stefano Sbrignadello*, Andrea Tura, Paolo Ravazzani

We investigated possible variations of impedance values in samples of sodiumchloride solution (sodiumchloride 0.9%) with glucose at different concentrations, ranging from 5000 to around 75 mg/dl. The sodium chloride solution (either saline physiological solution) was chosen since it has similarities to blood but no cell components, which may be confounding factors in this study. We found that variations in glucose concentration directly affect the impedance modulus of the sample, and even if the impedance variationswere often small (around 3-4 m&! per mg/dl) theywere clearlymeasurable. These findings may be the basis for possible development of a new approach, based on impedance technology, for the noninvasive monitoring of glycaemia.

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