Electrochemical studies and cyclic voltammetry of 3-nitrophtalic acid at natural phosphate modified carbon paste electrode

Author(s): Tarik El ouafy, Abdelilah Chtaini*,Hassan Oulfajrete, Rachida Najih

A Cyclic voltammetry (CV) method for the determination of trace amounts of 3-nitrophtalic acid (3-NA) at carbon paste electrode modified with Natural Phosphate (NP-CPE) is proposed. The results showed that the NP-CPE exhibited excellent electro catalytic activity to 3-nitrophtalic acid. The concentration of 3-NA and measuring solution pH was investigated. This electrochemical sensor shows an excellent performance for detecting 3-NA. The sensor was successfully applied to the determination of 3-NA in tap water with satisfactory results. The results indicate that this electrode is sensitive and effective for the determination of 3- NA.

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