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Electrochemical Reduction of Oxygen and Nitric Oxide on Mn-Based Perovskites with Different A-Site Cations

Author(s): Adalgisa Rodrigues

The first time, manganite-based perovskites with various A-site cations have been studied for the reduction of oxygen and nitric oxide at the temperature range of a real diesel exhaust gas. Previously, manganite perovskite-based cathodes with various A-site cations have been investigated for application as oxygen reduction cathodes. The effect can be fairly large in some circumstances. It was discovered that when different A-site cations were used in Ln 0.6Sr 0.4MnO3+, the Pr-containing perovskite showed the maximum activity for oxygen reduction at a temperature of 700°C. In the open literature, no research for the electrochemical reduction of nitric oxide on perovskites with various A-site cations have been published.

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