Electrochemical determination of propiconazole residues in environmental samples by voltammetry at HMDE

Author(s): T.Raveendranath Babu*, K.Sivasankar, P.Sujana, S.Rajasekhar Reddy

In this study the residues of propiconazole in environmental samples such as grains and water samples based on its voltammetric behavior at hanging mercury drop electrode(HMDE). The reduction product is identified by using cyclic voltammetry and the universal buffer with pH range 2.0-6.0 is used as supporting electrolyte. The best curve and highest peak current are obtained in universal buffer at pH 4.0. Accumulation potential(- 0.60V),Accumulationtime(70 sec)and Scanrate (50mVs.-1) are optimized. Calculationsmade of by standard additionmethod. The peak heights are in linear trend over the concentration range of 1.0 x 10-8 to 1.0 x 10-5M. The relative standard deviation and correlation coefficient for propinacazole was 0.97% and 0.998 respectively. The lower detection limit for propiconazole compound was 0.92 x 10-7M.

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