Electrocatalytic oxidation of phenol based on the plate like nano-Ni(OH)2 /poly(thionine)/glass carbon electrode

Author(s): Zhousheng Yang*, Fu Chen

In thiswork, plate likeNi(OH)2 nanocrystalswere synthesized with a simple hydrothermal synthesis method. The pretreated electrode was prepared by electropolymerizing thionine with Cyclic Voltammetry(CV) in phosphate buffer solution (PBS) containing thionine for 40 cycles. Then the next film was prepared by dropping nano-Ni(OH)2 solution onto the poly(thionine)(PTH)/glass carbon electrode(GCE) surface.Additionally, the as-prepared nano-Ni(OH)2/PTH/GCE showed awell electrocatalytic oxidation property towards phenol in 0.1MPBS pH7.0 via CV.Under the optimal conditions, the electrocatalytic response current of this sensor was proportional to the phenol concentration in the range of 0.08 ìM ~ 180 ìM with a detection limit down to 0.02 ìM (S / N = 3). The phenol sensor exhibited lowdetection limit, fast response time, high selectivity. In consequence, the paper provided a quite effective and sensitive method for phenol detection.

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