Electro Analytical Determination of Lead using Tricalcium Phosphate Apatite Modified Carbon Paste Electrode

Author(s): Chourak R, Elouahli A, Hatim Z, Chtaini A and Kheribech A

A simple and fast electroanalytical method was developed for analyzed lead (II) using a tricalcium phosphate apatite modified carbon paste electrode (TCP/CPE). The electrochemical response of the proposed electrode was studied by means of cyclic and square wave voltammetry. The microstructure and morphology of the modified electrode were studied by SEM and EDX techniques. It has been found that the reduction of Pb²+ on the TCP/CPE displayed a well-defined reduction peak. Operational parameters have been optimized, 5 min accumulation times, 50 mV pulse amplitude, 100 mVs−1 scan rate in 0.1 M Na2SO4. Under those optimal conditions, calibration graph was linear with the detection limit and a quantification limit of 4.3 × 10−6 M and 1.43 × 10−5 M, respectively. The correlation coefficient was about 0.906. The modified electrode has showed a suitable sensitivity, high stability and an accurate detection of Pb2+. The modified electrode also relevant suitable selectivity for heavy metals such as cadmium and zinc.

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