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Electrical, Structural and Optical Properties of Cu3SbSe4 with High Thermoelectric Performance.

Author(s): Dabaa B, Srouji F and Brgol M

Cu3SbSe4 is a promising thermoelectric material due to high thermo power. Although it has a simple crystal structure derived from zinc blende structure. The thermoelectric properties of bulk of this semiconductor compounds, prepared by rapid hot press (RHP) technique at 270˚C while Cu3SbSe4 thin films were deposited onto glass substrate (microscopic slices) by chemical bath deposition (C.B.D) at (150˚C). Structure characterization was carried out using X-Ray Diffraction spectrum, in order to determine the average crystallite size which found in the range (20-30 nm). The obtained Cu3SbSe4 had p-type semiconductor has low resistivity in the range (0.124 Ωm). AFM micrographs of surface of the prepared film are observed that distance in the range (16-65) nm. The carrier density and Hall mobility in Cu3SbSe4 bulk were in the range 0.591×1018 Cm-3 and 117.3 Cm2/Vs. The band gaps of the Cu3SbSe4 film are determined from UV-Vis spectrophotometer are found to be within the range (1.25-1.5) eV while the energy band gap of Cu3SbSe4 bulk which determined from FT-IR spectrophotometer is (0.362eV) and it corresponds to wavelength (3417 nm). The power factor (PF) of Cu3SbSe4 samples is remarkably improved due to the optimization of whole concentration. Lattice thermal conductivity kL is very low which can be attributed to

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