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Effects of bulb extract of Allium sativum on serum lipid levels in normal and ethanol fed rats

Author(s): Gani Sharmila Banu, Ganesan Kumar, Balapala R.Kartheek

The present study is designed to evaluate the effect of aqueous bulb extract of Allium sativum on serum lipid levels and some biochemical parameters in normal and alcohol fed rats. The aqueous bulb extract of Allium sativum was administered orally (100mg/kg b.w.) and the effect of the extract on blood glucose, total protein, albumin, and the levels of lipid profiles (Triglyceride, cholesterol, LDL-Cholesterol,HDL cholesterol)were estimated in normal and ethanol fed rats. A significant increase in the activities of blood glucose, cholesterol, LDLcholesterol andHDLcholesterol in 30%ethanol fed rats (Group II), whereas it normalisedwith the treatment of bulb extract (100mg/kg b.w) (Group I). There is no significant alteration in the protein profile. These findings suggest a possible antihyperlipidaemic role of Alliumsativumbulb extract thatmay be used for therapeutic purposes.

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