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Effects of Additives in a Single Cylinder CI Engine Fuelled With Blends of Bio Diesel

Author(s): S. Sivaganesan*, A. Mahavishnu and M. Chandrasekaran

Countries are developing the alternate energy sources for suitable alternate diesel fuels which act as environment friendly. Searching the alternate fuels mainly stands from protecting or reducing the environment and long term usages of conventional Hydrocarbon fuels. Basis of different alternate sources, fuels are find from triglycerides from vegetable oil or fat oil presence a possible alternate as substitute diesel. Alternate energy Triglycerides are having a properties which is near by the diesel fuel properties like high temperature characteristics has concluded to possible ways. Fatty acid methyl ester (FOME) which is clarified from triglycerides using the method tranesterification methanol. Renewability of biodiesel is most advantage and environment friendly by reducing the level of carbon gases at the time of emission to atmosphere and decrease the green house effect.

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