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Effective Solutions of Hardness by Using Adsorption Technique on Kaolinite Smectite Adsorbent from Aqueous Solution

Author(s): Sheneshen ES, Fathy M, El-Naggar IM, Ahmed SA, Shehata N and Shehata AM

The high hardness of ground water causes some problems in household and industrial use. Therefore, this research was carried out. Several parameters have an impact on the adsorption behavior of Ca2+ and Mg2+ onto clay mineral from aqueous solution, i.e., pH, exchange time, original ions concentration and temperature. All factors were carried out through batch technique. Optimum pH for Ca2+ and Mg2+ adsorption was found to be 6.0. As well as some thermodynamic parameters were calculated ΔG, ΔS and ΔH indicating adsorption was spontaneous, wantonness and endothermic. The isotherm modeling was investigated and the results were showed that Freundlich isotherm model more fitted than Langmuir, indicating the presence of heterogeneous sites for Ca2+ and Mg2+adsorption.

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