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Effect of ZnO Nanoparticles Dispersed in Liquid Crystalline Alkoxy Benzoic Acids and Periodic Noise Reduction using Frequency Domain Filtering

Author(s): Manepalli RKNR, Tejaswi M, Jayaprada P, Rao MC, Madhav BTP, Giridhar G and Pisipati VGKM

In the present work, the synthesis and characterization are carried out on liquid crystalline compounds p-n-alkoxy benzoic acids namely p-n-octyloxy benzoic acid (8OBA) and p-n-do decyloxy benzoic acid (12OBA) compounds with 0.5 wt% ZnO nanoparticle dispersion. The differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) technique is used to measure the phase transition temperatures. Further characterization is carried out by various spectroscopic techniques like UV-visible spectroscopy (UV), scanning electron microscopy studies (SEM) and Fourier transform infra-red spectroscopy (FTIR). Textural determinations of the synthesized compounds were recorded by using polarizing optical microscope (POM) connected with hot stage and camera. The results showed that the dispersion of ZnO nanoparticles in 8OBA and 12OBA exhibited NC phases as same as the pure compounds with reduced clearing temperature as expected.

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