Effect of wrapping material on proximate and sensory qualities of Ogiri, a fermented melon seed (Citrullus vulgaris L. series) product

Author(s): Peter-Ikechukwu I.Anne, Olawuni Ijeoma, Kabuo O.Ngozi, Omeire C.Gloria, Bede N.Evelyn, Osobie C.Charles, Osuigwe Confidence

Melon seeds (Citrullus vugaris L. series) were sorted, a batchwas dehulled while another batch was undehulled. The two batches were washed and boiled (4hours). Theywere then allowed to cool, and the undehulled sample was dehulled. Thereafter, both were saparately wrapped in blanched plantain leaves and boiled again for 2 hours; drained; cooled and allowed to ferment naturally for 72 hours (primary fermentation).After primary fermentation, the proximate compositions of both samples from dehulled and undehulled melon seeds were evaluated and compared. Higher proximate composition was discovered from the undehulled melon seed, hence, the fermented melon seeds used for further analysis. They were mashed and wrapped in six different wrapping materials (unblanched leaf, blanched leaf, aluminum foil, dried leaf, transparent polyethylene, black polyethylene), and later stored at roomtemperature for another 72 hours (secondary fermentation). The end product is locally known as Ogiri-egusi (or Ogiri), a local condiment with characteristic flavor attribute. The proximate and sensory qualities of the resultant Ogiri samples wrapped with different materials were subsequently evaluated, and statistical evaluation of data obtained from the analysis showed that the modern packaging materials (aluminumfoil, black polyethylene, and black polyethylene materials) sustained and improved the sensory qualities of Ogiri-egusi, with the black polyethylene being the best followed by the aluminumfoil. Proximate composition of the sample wrapped with modern packaging materials also compared favourably with samples wrapped with traditional packaging materials (unblanched, blanched, and dried leaves).

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