Effect Of The Presence Of Sulphides Ions In Irrigation Water On The Resistance Of Copper Corrosion

Author(s): R.Salghi, M.Mihit, L.Bazzi, M.Belkhaouda

The location of different materials in the network of irrigation has a great importance. In our previous works, we have illustrated the major role of water containing cuprous ions in local destruction of mobile material of irrigation(MMI). The origin of these ions comes from the attacked of irrigation network caused during stream water that’s contain sulphides ions. Therefore, our study deals the effect of irrigation water polluted by these sulphides ions on the corrosion resistance of copper. In fact, the microbiological analyses that we have made show that this water is infected by sulfito-reductrice bacterium. These later are responsible of the reduction of the sulphates to sulphides. The results obtained by electro-chemical method show that a weak concentration of a sulphide as one ppm provokes a strong dissolution of copper in the studied environment. This active process is caused by the formation of a porous layer based on sulphides compounds and on copper oxide naturally formed in the non-polluted environment.

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