Effect of the cobalt additive on the urbach energy and dispersion parameters of cadmiumoxide thin films

Author(s): KhalidHaneenAbass

Cobalt doped CdO thin films were deposited on glass substrate using spray pyrolysis technique, at a substrate temperature of 400 °C. The effect of cobalt additive in CdO thin film on Urbach energy and dispersion parameters was studied. It is observed that the increases of Co contain in CdO thin film increasing the reflectance, optical conductivity, and skin depth, in addition increasing Urbach energy that inversely dependence with energy gap that changed from 2.53 to 2.47 eV. While the transmittance and dispersion parameters such as Ed, Eo, M-1, M-3, So, and ëo are decreased with increasing Co contain in CdO thin film.

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