Effect of rice husk ash (RHA) and phosphogypsum (PG) on the corrosion behavior of reinforcing steel in concrete

Author(s): O.S.Shehata*, N.S.Tantawi

Corrosion behavior of reinforced steel embedded in cement pastes has been studied with utilization of Rice Husk Ash and PG as mineral admixtures.These admixtures provides several advantages for cement such as improved strength, durability and reduced materials cost due to cement saving and environmental benefits related to the disposal of waste materials and to reduced carbon dioxide emissions. The results indicated that, steel passivity degree in aggressive media is low in OPC than its passivity when OPC mixed with variable proportion of RHA and phosphogypsum. Also, corrosion inhibition of reinforcing steel increased with increasing RHAand PGpercentage until 20%RHAand 10%for PG, in different aggressive media such as sulphate and chloride.

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