Effect of preparation methods on DeNOx efficiency of CeO2/TiO2 catalysts

Author(s): Tian Yan

The DeNOx performance of catalysts is a key part in the selective catalytic reduction process. In this study, CeO2/TiO2 catalysts were prepared by the impregnation method and the sol-gel method, and the DeNOx performance of the catalysts was tested on a self-built experimental system. The efficiency difference due to the two preparationmethods was analyzed by X-ray diffraction technology and Brunauer-Emmett-Teller method. The experimental results showed that CeO2/TiO2 catalysts prepared by the sol-gel method had a larger surface area and the DeNOx activity was higher than the catalysts prepared by the impregnation method, when the temperature was below 350 oC. For CeO2/ TiO2 catalysts prepared by the impregnationmethod, the crystal form of CeO2 could be seen, when CeO2 content was 10%. However, if CeO2 content was more than 3%, the catalyst had relative high activity suitable for industrial application.

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