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Effect of pH, cations and incubation time on the adsorption of globulin onto titanium

Author(s): F.S.Omeiza*, P.Ekwumemgbo, O.J.Okunola, F.E.Awe

In these studies, the effect of pH, cations, and incubation time on the adsorption of globulin onto titanium was studied invitro. Globulin adsorption onto commercially pure titanium power that was pretreated with calcium, magnesium or potassium ions was carried out at pH 3.0 and pH 7.0. The amount of globulin adsorbed was calculated using the value of the regression line obtained from the standard Bovine serum Albumin (BSA) calibration curve. The pretreatment of titanium with calcium and magnesium alone or combined, with increasing pH valves (3.0 - 7.0) resulted in an argumented adsorption of globulin onto titanium. No increase in adsorption was observed following the pretreatment of titanium with potassium. The incubation time was also studied extensively and the result in various research work shows that there is involvement of electrostatic interaction in the adsorption of globulin to titanium.

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