Effect of nanoparticles of aTiO2 in artificial stone of produced fromsludge of stone cutting factory (SSCF)

Author(s): Leila Mahdavian

In recent decades, industrial growth and increased production and consumption of natural resources, raw materials are rapidly decreasedthemand energy. On the other hand, highvolume of production produce large amounts ofwaste and waste has strong negative effects on the environment. The aimof this article,waste reduction and reuse themis stone cutting factory. The present invention is production a self-cleaning artificial stone bysludge stone cutting factory (SSCF) ofLorestan in Iran,which can be used in buildingmaterials, facade, paving, stones antique and composites. Basic formulation of artificial stone is the sludge stone, 50% weight ofsludge stoneis cement, 1-15% weight of cement is unsaturated polyester resin (UPR), 20-30% is water, 7% weight is the filler consists of micro-silica, nanoparticles of anatasetitanium dioxide (aTiO2-NP) in absence of water pool. Nanoparticles of aTiO2 causes the hydrophobicity, analysis of oil stains, eliminate of bad odor, sterilize and self-cleaning artificial stone,can by adding pigments to them be producedcreated diversity in artificial stone. Using micro-silica decreases specific weight and the density of product the greatly reduced.

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